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Condominium Insurance

If you rent or own a condominium, you need insurance to protect your belongings. While your landlord or condo association might have insurance, it only protects the building itself. Your belongings are not covered under those types of policies. You need a policy to cover losses to your personal property. That’s where Crotty Insurance comes in.

What is Condominium Insurance?

Condominium Insurance Erie PACondominium Insurance is a specific type of insurance policy that is designed to fit the unique needs of condo owners. While many people often confuse condominium insurance with a renter’s policy (both offer personal property and liability protection), condo owners need to take into consideration the additional insurance coverage that may be necessary for the building based on their condo association’s overall master policy.

How Do I Determine the Type and Amount of Coverage I Need?

As one of the leading independent insurance agencies in Pennsylvania, our team of experts will walk you through all of the considerations unique to your situation in order to create a policy that best fits your needs. We will determine coverage based on information such as:

  • What the condo association is responsible for insuring
  • What you are personally responsible for insuring
  • The amount of coverage needed for your possessions
  • Whether or not you have a replacement cost or actual cash value coverage for your possessions
  • Whether or not policy limits for your valuables
  • Whether you need earthquake or flood coverage for your unit or possessions