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General Liability Insurance

What is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance (also referred to as Commercial General Business Liability Insurance) protects the assets of a business and pays for obligations (for example, medical expenses) incurred if someone were to sustain an injury on your property, or in cases where there are property damages or injuries that have been caused by you or your company’s employees. In addition, liability insurance covers the cost of your company’s legal defense and any settlement (or award) if you should be successfully sued. These situations typically include compensatory damages, non-monetary losses suffered by the injured party, and punitive damages.

General Liability Insurance can also cover claims of false (or misleading) advertising, up to and including libel, slander, and/or copyright infringement.

Does My Business Need General Liability Insurance?

In today’s litigious society, even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits. That’s why general liability insurance, along with property and worker’s compensation insurance, are essential for most companies. Liability insurance protects the assets of a business if it becomes involved in a lawsuit. Other coverage for premises and operational liability, medical payments and contractual liability are also included. General liability insurance can be purchased separately or as part of a business owner’s policy.

How Do I Determine My Coverage Needs?

The coverage needed for your company typically depends upon the type of business you are in, coupled with the perceived risk associated with operating it. A strong case could be made that a building contractor will need more liability coverage than a website designer or business consultant, for example. The location of your business is another factor that can factor into your needs. For example, some states have a tendency to award higher damages to plaintiffs claiming personal injury than do others. The Crotty Insurance team of experts will assess your situation and determine the amount of coverage necessary for your unique situation prior to purchasing any policy.

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At Crotty Insurance, our primary purpose is to provide you not only with comprehensive liability coverage, but also sound advice. Think of us as an extension of your team. Our experts will guide you in the best direction for your business, providing just the right amount of coverage for any unforeseen situation that may come your way.